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We are non-profit organization working on protecting animal rights from elephants to small insects.

55Initially we worked with boarding schools in Houston, Texas. The problem started when the school had a massive bed bug infestation which led them to the easy and cheap solution, extermination. They killed each and every bed bug without any thought. The five of us started objecting this extermination from the day we knew about the school’s decision, but in the end they executed their decision.

The core problem regarding this incident is that the school’s administration didn’t regard this as a crime; they even thought that this was the right and most beneficial decision. They don’t know about the environment’s own balance that we disorient whenever we kill any creature.

We started communication with various local communities throughout Texas from which came our beginning. Awareness sessions in different schools and colleges throughout five years helped in building our reputation, demonstrations and petitions were done under our own supervision for the rights of non-human creatures that cannot ask for their own rights.

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Today we have got offices in 4 different states: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Our work is currently more scientific powered by veterinary specialists and professors to support our case. With plans to expand in 4 more states and rescue thousands of animals more, we are currently gathering more donations in addition to our small financial projects. We hope one day we will be known worldwide and rescue as many animals and insects as possible. Our work would not have flourished without the Top Pest Control company in Denver Colorado & Top Bed Bug Extermination Team of Toronto Canada.