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Animals Protection

Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old, while humans are only close to 200 thousand years old. Earth has been totally in balance throughout these years before the humans came to it, animals lived together in homogeneity. After the arrival of humans to this world, 904 out of 44000 species are currently instinct, and experts expect the number of extinct species to become 200 to 2000 each year. These numbers demonstrate the real danger these animals are in and how we can lose all animals and insects within about 50 years if we don’t take more care.

These species don’t become extinct due to direct killing although it is the main cause, they occur due to pollution and destroying agricultural lands all over the planet. We are the main cause of the unbalance of the planet and the more and more we live and continue in this manner, the more unbalanced this planet will be and the more species will die.

One final point we would like to demonstrate because we found it causes some sort of confusion with many people: some animals and especially insects don’t seem to be useful in any way, they only seem to be harmful for us so it’s nothing wrong to kill them. This is totally wrong as animals and insects live in harmony killing each other in definite quantities leading to the balance of Earth.

As an example, a farm was full of rats that seemed to burden the farmers and landowners and finally they decided to kill these rats. After killing the whole number of rats, they found worms spreading that killed their crops. They discovered that rats used to eat these worms and so they preserved the farm. What farmers simply did was intruding nature’s balance thinking they were doing something better.