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Our Donors

As a non-profit organization working on the better of the world and depending mainly on donations, we insist on being as transparent in our financial documents as possible for you to decide if we deserve these donations and if these donations go to their right places. Yearly financial documents are available on our websites prepared according to the “IFRS”.

In this group we list the major donator in each state for this year and how much they donated:

Lab Rescue of Oklahoma


This is our major donor and supporter; it provided us this year with 100 thousand dollars in addition to providing us with contacts, consultancy, and session receptions.

University of Texas 


University of Texas is considered one of our success stories. Our relationship with it began when we gave its people sessions about animal rights and alternative ways to get rid of them. They become so excited about this case that they even started to support us financially. This year they provided us with 76 thousand dollars and the number is still expanding.

Animal Heart  Louisiana


Although we have cooperated together for 3 months only till now, they have provided us with 40 thousand dollars. We expect them to become our major donor within a year from now.

Humans and animals New Mexico


New Mexico is a recently emerged state for us so we are very satisfied with the 20 thousand dollars provided by Humans and animals organization.

These are not the only donor organization, they are just the top. We have got other organizations that we would like to thank them all in addition to individual donors and commercial sales of t-shirts and pens that are considered one of our main sources of funding.