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hawk falcon raptor bird
hawk falcon raptor bird
We don’t work individually on this case, your participation is crucial to rescue more and more animals. In the end if you are not willing to help the animals, our presence is useless. Here is a proof description of what we do:

Building homes with the most recent technologies to shelter animals and insects under danger in different places.

Intensive R&D for animal controlling and sheltering with the least possible costs.

Awareness Sessions for different schools and organizations about how to get rid of the animals without killing them.

Demonstrations and campaigns for people about main animal rights.

Communications with many local organizations in every state to work on joint projects for the sake of animals and insects.

We are currently working in 4 states and in 2 years we expect to be covering 3 more states with all of the previous activities.

And here is why we need your help.

Everyone in the society has got responsibilities towards the animals and insects and to keep nature balance.

We need your financial aid to help expand our activities.

We need organizers for our sessions and campaigns.

We need you to participate in the campaigns and demonstrations, they are nothing without people.

You can even just buy one of our t-shirts with a logo for animals and use it in your daily life. No more effort and you will help the animals just by walking in the street.

We become bigger because of you, and you are a better citizen when you share in the help of these poor animals and insects. We need you!

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